Online fitness and nutrition coaching

Nowadays there are alot of online ways to inform yourself and make your own path towards a healthy lifestyle. While i always stimulate you to do this and make yourself wiser it is still beneficial to be coached in your journey.

About me in short

I have been active my whole life and in my journey i faced many challenges, with all these experiences i can help you now. On top of that in my daily job i help people who are inactive to be more active and aspire a healthy lifestyle, i help them find the right activity that fits them over the long term and provide coaching and motivational support. I do this work since Juli 2021. Currently i,m studying for weightconsultant with a specialisation for sports and nutrition. This makes me updated with the current nutritional information.

Some reasons to get online coaching

1.) Accountability

Someone that holds you accountable can help you stay more focused on your goals and achieve your ambitions. We are social animals and the fact that you are not walking alone makes it easier. Also accountability incorperates valued deadlines, moments you work towards to. Having someone who checks in makes it less easy to make excuses and pushing the deadline (and your results) to a later moment.

2.) Offering to be that mirror

Sometimes the path towards success can be very challenging and not everything will go as planned. Life events happen and with everything happening it is hard to stay objective sometimes. Having someone who can be a mirror to your thought helps you to stay more calm and focused when the storm hits.

3.) Help you think outside the box

A different perspective outside of the regulair people you hang around with is good for coming with new insights and ideas. i have worked out whole my life and in my daily job i guide people towards being more active. The experiences and insight i bring on the table are unique. This view can help you to think more outside of your regular thinking can stimulate to find weak though processes or views which can hold you back.

4.) Motivate you

Someone to cheer you on in your journey can be incredibly motivating. Online coaching provides you with a dedicated supporter who genuinely cares about your progress and the successes. They can offer encouragement during both the highs and lows of your journey.

Want online coaching by me?

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